Strength Training

Train smart, play hard

Optimizing your training by fine-tuning your fitness levels and posture through tailored personal training of YOUR NEEDS and goals could mean the difference between staying healthy and actually hitting those goals you have set for yourself. When doing endurance sports, especially running, your body is put under extreme stress, which is why your tendons and muscles need to be properly prepared for the hours outside. Posture, stability, and strength are at the core of this. By doing the work indoors, Adriana helps you lower the risk of injuries and up your performance in a sustainable way by improving your running economy. And not to worry: we will do this without taking time off from your precious endurance training. The same way your endurance training is periodized, your strength training will also be tailored to the specific phase of training you are in, ensuring that strength training perfectly complements your endurance training.

What you can expect:

A tailored 3-4 week strength training plan, based on your running or cycling plans and your posture/gait analysis, with optional added personal trainings sessions. Both in person and online personal training sessions available. If you require something different, do not hesitate to get in touch to explore further options.

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