Adriana Moser

Adriana is a competitive Ultrarunner who focuses primarily on ultra races of 100k and over, in every type of weather and on all terrains. Her most recent feat was first female, 4th overall, and breaking the course record of HMDS Morocco, a multistage through the Sahara, as well as a second place female at the Run Fire Salt Lake Ultra Trail 40k, a race run on an extremely exposed, salt lake in Turkey.


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“Working with Adriana has improved my running style, but also my approach to training in terms of listening to my body. What I liked most is the rather holistic way of seeing a female athlete with all what comes with it like human struggles, personal challenges or simply the hormone system.“
Miri Ehmeier
tailored coaching
"Adriana has the perfect workout plan ready for me and ensures an efficient workout. It is a pleasure to work with her.”
Tobias Wanner
personal training (strength)
"Adriana has been actively coaching me on sports nutrition since 2021 and I was able to positively change my diet with her advice. She has also helped me enormously in changing my daily habits with the help of mental strategies. Thanks to Adriana’s coaching I feel fitter and more balanced”
Niklas Flieger
sports nutrition
"Training with Adriana is about so much more than just running. It allowed me to not only improve my abilities as a runner, but also made me stronger mentally in all areas of life".
Annika Linder
tailored coaching full package

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