An athlete eats and trains.
An athlete doesn’t diet and exercise.

The main role of a sports nutritionist is to educate athletes on how dietary strategies can enhance performance, recovery, and health. Adriana views training as a combination of workouts and recovery. Without recovery, you are more prone to injuries and your fitness could be compromised. One of the major parts of recovery is nutrition.

Your nutritional needs will differ based on your sport, position, weight goals, and training cycle. Adriana does not focus on providing general guidelines simply related to a number of calories, as she believes this does not provide accurate information for a successful performance nutrition plan, nor does every body work the same way.

Nutrition is more than simply knowing what carbs, proteins, or fats are. Boosting performance through nutrition involves periodizing your eating habits to support your physical training plan, something Adriana can help you with.

The main goals for your plan would be

  • to enhance health
  • to improve performance 

Adriana is here to advise you on what foods should make up your diets given your particular body type, training routines, and athletic goals. Together, you will figure out what works best for you in your current lifestyle to help you improve your performance even further and to create a healthy happy strong you.

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